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Re: Monitor question

On Seg, 27 Dez 2010, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
I built my folks a new PC last year (Athlon II X2 Rigor 2.8 w/ ATI north
bridge video) and got them a 24" Asus widescreen LCD to go with it.  Dad
is 73 Mom is 68.  Dad wears trifocals and Mom bifocals.  No matter what
font size (WinXP) I selected, the native 1920x1080 panel res just didn't
work for them although it was perfect for me.  I ended up setting the
res at 1280x720 with small fonts.  It's not as sharp (to me) but perfect
for them, and they can't fathom how they got along with a 17" MAG CRT
for for the 5 prior years.  Dad no longer has to lean forward and tilt
his head back simultaneously.  I'm surprised the old 17" CRT didn't
cause a permanent craning of his neck.

Windows (at least XP, I'm not sure if Vista/7 changed that) suck a lot in this regard (and others too, but I digress). Linux does much better.

I don't know how exactly it is done, but Linux takes into account the actual size of the display (which is reported along its supported resolutions) and not only the resolution to determine font sizes (and maybe icon sizes or other dimensions of the visual UI, but I have not experimented with that). So you get reasonably easy to read (for people with good eyesight, at least) fonts at all displays, at all resolutions. Under WinXP, if you use a high resolution, you get tiny fonts.

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