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Re: Spontaneously aborting X startup during Linux boot process

Lisi wrote:
> If I want to boot into single user from a cold start, I do it via GRUB.  But 
> if I am in a GUI and I want to actually change (rather than just bring up a 
> tty) I use "init 1".  I don't think that "init s" would work - but you are 
> probably about to tell me that it would. ;-)

Yes.  I am going to say, "It should work."  :-)

Personally I wouldn't move from multiuser to single user directly.  I
would always reboot first and then boot into single user mode.  Then
when leaving single user mode reboot into multiple user mode.  That
way is very well tested.  Doing other things /should/ work but I
wouldn't be surprised to find interesting corner cases.  It is
definitely the road less well traveled.


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