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Re: RAID1 with multiple partitions

Tom H wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > I have not previously ever changed a hostname in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf
> > and not had a problem renaming systems.  My mdadm.conf files don't
> > contain the actual hostname.
> Look up the HOSTNAME directive in the mdadm.conf man page.
> The default is "HOSTNAME <system>".

Do you mean "HOMEHOST" instead of "HOSTNAME"?

Regardless I have never changed it.  My hostname is not "<system>".
My mdadm.conf does not contain the actual hostname.  And use of
"<system>" is documented to automatically use the value from

In any case I have renamed systems many times and never had it fail
because of changing the hostname nor have I ever seen the
/dev/mdX_Y naming referred to in the documentation on any system that
I have renamed.  I wasn't even aware of the possibility until this
discussion thread.  When querying mdadm for details it is not
reporting any arrays tagged with a homehost.  I am using mdadm
versions v2.6.7.2 in Lenny and v3.1.4 in Squeeze.

I would guess that internally uuid naming has been doing the actual
task of associating arrays.  The documentation says:

       A new array will normally get a randomly assigned 128bit UUID
       which is very likely to be unique.  ...  Also, using --uuid=
       when creating a v0.90 array will silently override any
       --homehost= setting.


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