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Re: RAID1 with multiple partitions

David Gaudine wrote:
> David Gaudine wrote:
> >The temporary hostname is in each ARRAY line in mdadm.conf.  As I
> >understand it, the temporary hostname is also in the superblock,
> >and these must match or I won't be able to boot.  So, do I have to
> >do something about the superblock (how?), or just edit the name in
> >the ARRAY lines, or not touch it at all?  I'm afraid to experiment
> >because my last encounter with "rescue mode" (trying to fix my
> >grub-install mess) didn't go very well.
> Sorry to answer my own question, but a power failure caused a
> corrupted filesystem on another computer and gave me a free IP to
> experiment with.  So, I went ahead and renamed my computer.  I did
> edit the name in mdadm.conf, and the system booted without problems.

I have not previously ever changed a hostname in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf
and not had a problem renaming systems.  My mdadm.conf files don't
contain the actual hostname.


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