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Re: RAID1 with multiple partitions

On 10-12-10 3:50 PM, Reiner Buehl wrote:
On 10.12.2010 21:15, David Gaudine wrote:
2) I put the SWAP partition on RAID. The first guide doesn't use RAID for swap. The author emailed me his comments about the pros and cons, and I think I want it on RAID for peace of mind. It shouldn't really matter since I have much more RAM than I need. Is there any reason I might regret putting SWAP on RAID? "cat /proc/mdstat" reports the MD1 (the swap device) as "auto-read-only".

In Linux, all raid arrays stay in "auto-read-only" mode until they are access the first time after each reboot, so this seems to imply that your system has not yet initialized the swap. Did you add your swap to /etc/fstab and mark it as swap there?

Usually the installer does that for me. I can't say if that happened this time, because I played with Grub and now I can't boot.

4) The first guide shows how to install Grub on both disks. After that's done once, do I have to do it again whenever there's a new kernel package? Or in any other situation that I have to watch out for?

You only need to install grub on both disks once. After that, there is no need to repeat that again unless you upgrade grub itself.

Here I have a big problem.  The guide said to run grub and do
and repeat for the other disk. I don't have an executable file "grub". grub-pc is installed. After a bit of reading I tried this:

grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/sda

grub-install --root-directory=/boot /dev/sdb

Not a good idea.  Now the system boots into a Grub command prompt, but
says "no such partition". I tried other values besides zero, but always get "no such partition", "File system is unknown", or "Cannot get C/H/S Values".

Where did I go wrong? Is grub in some package other than grub-pc, or is the method different now with grub2?

If you can tell me how to do it right I can probably save my installation by using rescue mode, but that's not important since I can reinstall if necessary.


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