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Re: Debian 5 installation

2010/12/7 H Scott <hgscott@blueyonder.co.uk>:
> You think, Cameleon, that I am picky because I think an OS with an automatic
> configuration should be able to correctly configure a Nvidia TNT2 video card
> with a CMedia sound board. Slackware and Zenwalk do a fine job of it.
> Let me say that in one regard you are mistaken You must register first
> before using this userlist.
> Secondly I don't appreciate you editing my messages! I know it makes you
> look great but it aint honest.
> You have told me absolutely nothing except to seek help from outside and
> it's probably the best piece of advice I have received.

Anyone who's been subscribed to this list for any length of time knows
that Camaleon is one of the most helpful members here!

I don't see anything in her (IIRC!) replies to your posts that would
merit your email above. Her advice was good, as usual.



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