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Re: problem installing Debian on dual boot with WinXP

I'm guessing that Gparted has divided your disk into one smaller disk which
is what the ubuntu partioner sees.
First thing I would try is to use cfdisk (available from a slackware or
Zenwalk distro to partion your disk correctly.Windows must be on primary and
only up to 8gb if you want to install lilo or grub in the MBR. The rest can
be split as you want.
Remember that for Ubuntu to see the partitions they must be mounted. Debian
5 does not mount windows partitions on the disk automatically so you cant
see them.
I've tried Xp co habiting with Linux and it's not easy to make it work with
only one 8GB partition.
Hope it helps you.
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Subject: problem installing Debian on dual boot with WinXP

> Hi to Everyone,
> I wish to install Linux on a computer where MSWIN XP is already running.
> I thought I would first resize (shrink) the windows partition so as to
> create free space for Linux install. I did that, using GParted. Problem
> is : at next step, when trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 with an iso CD,
> the install system does not see any useful partition. It only sees
> /dev/sda, while it should show /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. Using
> "SystemRescueCD', I am able to mount both partitions and display their
> size using 'df', but the Ubuntu install system does not see them.
> Whether I format /dev/sda2 to ext2 or ntfs, or if I just leave the space
> without formating, the Ubuntu install CD does not see any suitable space
> for that purpose.
> I came to wonder if, by any chance, my failure was due to that I did not
> create a partition table. The GParted iso CD offers this possibility,
> but then it warns you that creating a partition table will erase all
> data in all partitions..
> So, maybe I should first create a backup of the MSWIN partition using
> Partimage, then run Gparted again and create a partition table, then
> install Ubuntu (if the iso CD finds what it needs once a new partition
> table is created), then restore the MSWIN saved partition... (or, maybe,
> the way around, that is, first restore MSWIN and install Ubuntu next)
> Prior to attempting such a risky process, I wish I had hints from those
> who have already tested, since a number of questions still remain :
> Is it allright to backup and restore a MSWIN partition ?   Will the
> restored partition boot ?   How about the MBR ?   Shall I have to modify
> GRUB so that both systems work ?
> Thanks in advance for your help
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