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Re: problem installing Debian on dual boot with WinXP

On Mi, 08 dec 10, 07:58:50, Harry wrote:
> I'm guessing that Gparted has divided your disk into one smaller disk which
> is what the ubuntu partioner sees.

I don't understand this...

> First thing I would try is to use cfdisk (available from a slackware or
> Zenwalk distro to partion your disk correctly.Windows must be on primary and
> only up to 8gb if you want to install lilo or grub in the MBR. The rest can
> be split as you want.

This shouldn't be a problem unless you have a very old (10 years?) BIOS.

> Remember that for Ubuntu to see the partitions they must be 
> mounted.

No, they don't. AFAIK the installer should not mount partitions unless 
you want to copy data to/from them (this is possible with the Debian 
Installer, but not sure if it supports NTFS) or you install to them 

> Debian 5 does not mount windows partitions on the disk automatically 
> so you cant see them.

Again, with the proper tools (like cfdisk above, which is of course also 
available in Debian) you can "see" not mounted partitions.

What are you trying to say?

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