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Re: update manager wants admin password

El 2010-12-05 a las 17:27 -0500, John Lindsay escribió:

(resending to the list)

> Camaleón wrote:
>> On Sun, 05 Dec 2010 08:20:33 -0500, John Lindsay wrote:
>>> All of a sudden I am getting the following message when I click on the
>>> update manager icon ---
>> (...)
>> I always get asked for root password when there are updates available 
>> in the update manager icon. If you get a "keyring unlock" message maybe 
>> is because you are using "sudo" instead plain "su" and then you have to 
>> provide your user password, not root's one.
>> BTW, I'd be worried if the update manager does not ask me for the root  
>> password ;-)
> Hi Camaleon
> Yes, when I did an upgrade via update manager I always got the request  
> for my admin password. It was this 'keyring unlock' popup that through  
> me. When I went system-admin-update manager
> from the toolbar I got the request for password as I normally did. Like  
> I said, update icon that shows up in the toolbar after the system checks  
> for update had that new popup which I never saw before.
> I've done the upgrade so now to see what the next upgrade brings with  
> respect to the 'keyring unlock' popup.

Maybe it was a "hiccup". GNOME keyring should unlock when the system starts 
and then just asks for user's password when using NM connections or 
accessing to network shares, but I've never seen it to ask for root's 
password in update manager :-?

Yep, I would also wait and see for the next update available.



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