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update manager wants admin password

All of a sudden I am getting the following message when I click on the update manager icon ---

| enter password for keyring 'default' to unlock
| the application 'gksu' (/usr/bin/gksu) wants access to the keyring 'default' but it is locked

I can do two actions -- enter the admin password and click OK or click deny

If I click deny I get a popup that say enter the administrator password and the statement

"the application 'update manager' lets you modify essential parts of your system."
Remember Password is checked.
Save in keyring is checked.

Did I get 'hit' by some keystroke/phishing malware? Is this some new security that has been implemented? I'm running Debian Lenny and this is something that has recently occurred. Before I enter my password to do the updates I want to be sure its not someone thats hacked into my system.



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