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Re: jewelcase insert for 5.0.7 "Lenny" Official i386 xfce+lxde-CD

On Fri, 03 Dec 2010 11:24:01 -0500
Ken Heard <ken@heard.name> dijo:

>John Jason Jordan wrote:

>> Windows users (especially) are terrified of malware. As well they
>> ought to be, considering the OS they run. My CD with Ubuntu-32
>> written on it with a sharpie did not impress them. But later I
>> acquired some Ubuntu CDs from Ubuntu nicely printed. With these I
>> finally had several people try the CD, and two are now running Linux.
>So it is all in the packaging?  Your sharpie they did not trust, but a
>CD made by you but with the pretty Ubuntu picture put there by you on
>the same CD download as the one with the sharpie they did trust.  How
>naive can people be?

I was once working with a graduate student on a project using her
Windows computer. In the course of our work I couldn't help mention
Linux. She said "I'd love to try it, but I can't because my husband
used up all the memory."

I do not believe it is possible to underestimate the computer knowledge
of the masses.

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