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jewelcase insert for 5.0.7 "Lenny" Official i386 xfce+lxde-CD


Hello. Jewelcase insert made for myself so that the disc's SHA512
checksum and size were both right on the front, easy for me to see.
Perhaps others, too, might find it useful.

Text on cover reads:

                       Debian GNU/Linux
                          5.0.7 "Lenny"
             Official i386 xfce+lxde-CD
                Binary-1 20101127-17:29

               % dd if=<device> bs=1024
      count=662132 | sha512sum --binary

           908b dcf9 e751 03d1         
                5355 27f3 89c8 e38f    
           11f1 5876 abac 3c4f         
                6a3e dbf9 6323 a7d2    
           3353 a531 19c6 d932         
                f301 e679 54f5 456c    
           0d4f c2a8 107b 31d4         
                b1bd ef95 b5d6 e35d    

             678,023,168 bytes (646 MB)

                              CD 1 of 1

OpenOffice and PDF versions available for download from:


Use them in good health,
Eric De Mund

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