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Re: jewelcase insert for 5.0.7 "Lenny" Official i386 xfce+lxde-CD

In <[🔎] 4CF89FA2.2010702@optonline.net>, Doug wrote:
>I have found that Light-Scribe is a surer way to know what's on a disk, and
>if you're into jewel cases, you can read right thru the empty top.

While a LightScribe image would be nice, I prefer a jewel case insert.  Last 
time I checked LightScribe software was still only in the domain of 
Proprietary Software.

>Your idea of distributing them alongside the distro is a good one, but
>the problem I see is that most folks will just d/l the .iso, and never
>the jewelcase insert.

Well, that's fine.  Not everyone wants / needs a jewel case insert.  
(Although, if their size is sufficiently small, they should probably be 
included in the torrent.)  Distributing them along-side the images would also 
enable some "advertising" of them <http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/>, 
<http://www.debian.org/CD/torrent-cd/> and maybe 
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