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Re: unloading unnecessary modules

Mag Gam put forth on 11/28/2010 7:31 AM:
> Erp, pressed 'send' to quickly.
> TCP/UDP offloading, to my understanding  hardware has to support  and
> my hardware Intel e1000 doesn't by our engineering team.
> i know we can offset the NIC to do IP checksum but it would be great
> to bypass the kernel in general.

Just to confirm they are correct, can we get lspci -vv output for your
e1000 please?

> As a replier stated, RT is a good option but I am really not sure how
> it will affect our latency.

Maybe if you told us more about the target application we could give you
better advice.  Is it primarily network one way or RTT bound?  Does it
make extensive use of DNS lookups and is latency bound there?  Compute
latency bound?  Disk latency bound?

There are all manner of latencies in a system.  Knowing which one(s) are
critical to your application would allow us to better help you.  A real
time kernel may or may not be what you need.

I would venture to guess that an "e-commerce" system would not be
network latency bound but database access latency bound while processing
orders.  Are you building the database system or the web front end
application?  If you're building a web front end app, optimizing the
system at the kernel level is pointless, as php, perl, python, etc have
tremendously higher execution latencies than the kernel.  We're talking
1000 fold difference here.  If this is the case, you should be focusing
all of your efforts on optimizing the performance of your interpreter.


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