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Re: how to kill a process that is "defunct"?

Robert Brockway <robert@timetraveller.org> writes:

>On Sun, 21 Nov 2010, François TOURDE wrote:

>> The zombie process don't use any resources in general. No need to reboot
>> at this point, because nothing is wrong.

>Right.  I can't see how the OP's process is a zombie as a zombie won't 
>consume CPU (or any other resource).  It exists solely to hand back the 
>exit code to the parent when it can.

It is likely that the OP did not understand that the CPU usage stats
reported by ps(1) is the "percentage of time spent running during the
entire lifetime of the process" [1][2]. The zombie was not using CPU
while it was a zombie - as you state.

[1] ps(1) man page
[2] Recent ubuntu-user post by Carl Smoot-Mitchell (in response to this
same question)

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