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Re: rkhunter report

Dne, 21. 11. 2010 13:35:21 je Paul Cartwright napisal(a):

already mad because people email her with M$ powerpoint attachments, and
we hear no sound from them... isn't that what youtube is for? I cannot
understand why people will send 9Mb powerpoint attachments of a youtube
video, instead of a LINK to the video!( but that is another thread for
another day:)

It's not about understanding, in that they usually don't do it for a "reason" but because they "don't know better". The only way is gently educating them, pointing out that a simple link is better, and explaining *why* it's better.
This, of course, is a never-ending task, because:
a) there will always be new users to whom you'll have to explain it all over again; and b) some people simply *refuse* to memorize such stuff, even if forced at gunpoint.


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