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Re: Older Toshiba won't restart only halt

On 2010-11-09, Stephen Fishpaste wrote:

> I've had this issue for some time with this laptop through the various
> incarnations of Debian. This is a Toshiba Satellite 1800 circa 2004
> with maxed out ram 512 Mb and it runs just fine with LXDE on it.
> Presently I'm running Squeeze, with proposed Sid updates.
> I've never been able to 'restart' the damn thing. halt -p works fine
> but I always have to shutdown and then manually start up again. A pain
> in the arse for kernel upgrades. 8>D
> Any suggestions as to what I need to do to fix this? Don't have this
> problem with other laptops of the same era that I've installed Debian
> on either.

Same thing here with a cheapo Intel P4 motherboard running Squeeze.
No desktop manager. I haven't investigated, as the machine is rarely
used, but it looks like the issue is not restricted to laptops.


Howard E.

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