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Re: lenny & thunderbird filters-SOLVED!

On 11/05/2010 12:18 PM, Camaleón wrote:
>> oh, ow, I did not know that. so, is archiving the answer? 
> I hate archiving (I hold "fresh" e-mails dated on 1999) :-P
I also note that archiving is ONLY for IMAP folders, so it is useless to
me, because I have everything filtered to LOCAL folders.. Tyou can't
archive local folders..
> What I do is using as much as possible a tree structure (remember the 4 
> GiB limit is set for "each folder", so you can have many subfolders to 
> distribute your e-mail messages and so avoing that limit).
Yes I get the idea..
> > the 4GiB limit also goes for archived though, so.. what do you do?
> I'm not sure whether IMAP accounts/storage are also affected for this 
> limitation (I guess yes) but in either case, use a logical mail 
> structure. I like using "topics" and then "years" (or viceversa, years 
> then topics); the more folders, the better, i.e.:
> inxox
> |
> |- 2010
I was thinking the other way.. unless you can easily duplicat all the
folders under a year, I was thinking more like:
|- 2010

how do you know if you are reaching the 4GiB limit?

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800 

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