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Re: [OT] Re: Toner refill

On Thu, 28 Oct 2010 01:57:51 -0500, Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> Camaleón put forth on 10/27/2010 1:05 PM:
>> There are also "compatible" toner cartridges at lower prices, which I 
>> would also avoid :-)
> There is no reason to avoid these Camaleón.  They work just fine.  The
> only difference is that ZERO of the profit goes to the printer
> manufacturer.

Not in my experience.

I've seen many companies losing time and money because they are unable to 
properly evaluate their situation (here in Spain we have a saying -not 
sure how it translates into English- "lo barato sale caro" or "you get 
what you pay for".

> One of the tenets of FOSS is a free or low cost alternative to
> commercial software.  Why then, as a FOSS advocate, would you tell
> people to avoid products made by companies who are trying to save
> consumers money while at the same time providing a quality product?

No need to be so "picky".

The same I recommend sticking with memory RAM modules that have been 
certified by the motherboard manufacturer I also recommend the use of 
original toner cartridges (or ink). Take it as just my experience, your 
mileage may vary.

But you mean I'm not "FLOSS-friendly" just for advocating this? 

Heck, I also avoid using compatible cell phone batteries so I should fall 
into hell by all this (just kidding).

Taking the price of original toner cartridges for home user printers is 
not that high (~35-50€?) and the span of the toner (1.000-2.500 pages?) I 
think sticking to the orginal ones is worth for it.

For business devices toner prices are higher but also 
"expectations" (color matching and printing quality is a must for some 

> BTW, in most circumstances, under U.S. law, the printer manufacturers
> can't void your warranty for using non OEM cartridges.  Toner and ink
> are consumables, same as gasoline.  Under U.S. law GM can't say you can
> only buy your gas from Exxon stations or they'll void your warranty.
> Same situation.

Warranty is not voided (at least here in Spain, dunno for other 
countries),  but that is not the main concern when your printer is 10/15 
years old (should you break it, you have to pay it and duplex fuser is 
costly and is also hard to find spare parts for old hardware, you 
know) :-)



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