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Re: [OT] Re: Toner refill

Camaleón put forth on 10/27/2010 1:05 PM:
> There 
> are also "compatible" toner cartridges at lower prices, which I would 
> also avoid :-)

There is no reason to avoid these Camaleón.  They work just fine.  The
only difference is that ZERO of the profit goes to the printer manufacturer.

One of the tenets of FOSS is a free or low cost alternative to
commercial software.  Why then, as a FOSS advocate, would you tell
people to avoid products made by companies who are trying to save
consumers money while at the same time providing a quality product?

Read my previous post on this topic for an understanding of why these
"compatible" cartridges are as good as the OEM, but less expensive.  And
buy a few yourself and try them out.  You'll change your tune.

BTW, in most circumstances, under U.S. law, the printer manufacturers
can't void your warranty for using non OEM cartridges.  Toner and ink
are consumables, same as gasoline.  Under U.S. law GM can't say you can
only buy your gas from Exxon stations or they'll void your warranty.
Same situation.

Look up applicable laws in your jurisdiction if printer warranty
violation is a concern.


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