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Re: b43, pump, &&

Camaleón schreef:
On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 15:33:23 +0200, steef wrote:

Camaleón schreef:
Before start hacking yourself :-), you need first to configure your
card to connect to your Access Point.


You can use NetworkManager or manually edit the network inferface at "/
etc/network/interfaces" with the right values (I would try NM first).

i gonna install xfce4 and wicd on the old machine to prevent some
hickups. kde4 is too heavy i guess. see what comes out of that. up till
now: thank you for your kind reactions/answers.
Wait, wait, wait... you don't need KDE4 to setup your wifi.

What desktop environment are you using? NetworkManager is installed by
default in GNOME desktop :-?

(note that the name does not start with "K", I mean, _is not_
"KnetworkManager", just "NetworkManager")


hi camaleon, mostly on this old machine i work without a desktop: classical linux with kwrite, vim, ancient but very practical wordperfect (!) or another editor to make my notes and the changes i want. this time i installed the savage driver and xfce4 and *wicd*; just because wicd uses windows (gtk/gdk i guess).

the work i did the last two days (my family was gone) on, among other things, this wireless driver, is really fun and a brain-trainer.

i just got the b43-chip working be it a little bit slow.

thanks again,


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