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Re: basic ping diff with windows ping

Camaleón on 25/10/10 11:04, wrote:
The potion can be improved to get a closer mimic of the windows "tracert":

traceroute -I -z 500 mktgw1.ibllc.com

(1 second generates much delay, by reducing to 500ms we can leave the 3 stantard queries without hassle)

Seriously slightly quirky, but now it's better than windows again, which
is the way it should be.

The only thing it could make a difference between Windows "tracert" and Linux "traceroute" is iptables but I 'm not sure about that (how can iptables interfere with traceroute, by blocking/filtering packets? :-?)

I didn't mean linux traceroute was quirky in execution - I just meant the options were not ideal for me. The dumbed-down version on windows was just right for my abilities and knowledge and what I wanted. But then if I hadn't used the windows traceroute first I might never have developed such preconceptions.

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