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Re: KMail - forwarding issues

 On 10/20/2010 05:16 PM, Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Wed October 20 2010, AG wrote:
However, bottom line: so far this is the most viable solution to the
forwarding issue.  I'm sorry to read that it doesn't work for you in a
similar way Paul.
ok, I tried it again on another email that had an Encapsulated message. When I
hit "T" it attached that message. I double-clicked on the attached message,
which still included the OP email address, to&  from.. and it was not inline
with the original pictures, like I received it.

AFAIK, inline images makes the mail HTML and Kmail screws that up when you try to forward it. This is due its limited support for HTML mails. (Lack of HTML mail support is the reason I switched to Thunderbird from this otherwise perfect mail client as well ). Forwarding a Text only mail or mail with attachments the standard way allows you to edit out any information that you do not which to forward.

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