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KMail - forwarding issues

Dear list

I am really beginning to get ticked off with KMail's forwarding function. While there are three options for forwarding (i.e. as attachment, in-line or redirect), I am finding it problematic to forward emails in such a way that allows for the removal of the OP's details while preserving the actual content one wants to forward.

Of the three options one seems to remove the content to be forwarded while the other two seem to retain the OP's details in some way or another. In forwarding an email in-line often the original content is not retained (images or other attachments in the OP's mail are removed and I'm left only with my own sig, for example). If redirected, the OP's details are retained, as they are when the email is forwarded as an attachment.

Is there a trick to forwarding emails in KMail so that all that happens is that the OP's email content is preserved along with any attachments but that the OP's details can be edited out?

I'm using version 1.13.5 on an up-to-date testing machine.



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