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Re: KMail - forwarding issues

On 19/10/10 23:29, Mike Bird wrote:
On Tue October 19 2010 11:26:30 AG wrote:
Is there a trick to forwarding emails in KMail so that all that happens
is that the OP's email content is preserved along with any attachments
but that the OP's details can be edited out?
I use KMail/Kontact in KDE 3.5 in Lenny.

Does pressing "T" ("Edit Message") and changing the "To" address
at the top come anywhere close to the functionality you need?

--Mike Bird

Mike, unlike Paul, that options *does* seem to do the trick. I have tested this with a couple of emails - one without attachments and the second with, and interestingly enough it retains the material I want to forward but seemingly converts it into an HTML format to send onwards. For instance - if I wanted to forward text with some images, when I receive and read that email the images will all be as separate attachments which I have to manually open as image files. When I invoke the "T" option as you suggest and change the address line to the new recipient, the images are "opened"/ displayed at various points during the text. This is - AFAIK - what happens in an HTML email format. I'd prefer not to forward HTML-laden emails, but I suspect that that is how I received it and it was just not displayed as such locally due to my preference settings.

However, bottom line: so far this is the most viable solution to the forwarding issue. I'm sorry to read that it doesn't work for you in a similar way Paul.

Thanks Mike, I'll keep trying that as the solution and will monitor it.


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