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Re: troubleshooting slow disk writes on squeeze.

Siju George put forth on 10/19/2010 7:16 AM:

> Recently Saving/Copying files from Windows Clients to the Samba server
> has become slow at times.
> The system waits during these times for a long time even while
> performing operations using ssh such as

Define "recently".  If the system was running fine, and now "recently"
it has become slow, what changes were made to the system just before it
became slow?

You just installed Squeeze on this system 4 days ago.  Four days isn't
sufficient to say a system _was_ running fine and now is slow.  Did you
upgrade this box from Lenny to Squeeze 4 days ago?  Are you saying it
ran fine before the distribution upgrade but afterward it is slow?

If you just performed a dist upgrade 4 days ago, that is _extremely_
relevant information, and you should have shared that in your original post.

You have made the nubie mistake of offering far too little information
about your system details, and more importantly, the system's history.
Give us all the details, and we might be able to help.  At this point in
time, you've provided zero relevant information that would allow us to
help solve your problem.

If this is a brand new machine/Squeeze install, not an upgrade from
Lenny, there are any number of things that could be causing this
perceived slow write problem.  For instance, a bad/flaky TIM junction
between the CPU and heatsink or a defective CPU fan could be causing
thermal throttling.  If the proper modules aren't installed, you'll
never see anything in your logs pointing to this as the cause.

Please post complete dmesg output so we can at least get an idea of the
hardware specifics of this machine and see what the installed kernel
thinks about your hardware.  Whatever your problem is it is at a low
level, and systemic as it affects shell applications as well as network


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