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Re: Need More Entropy | $ gpg --gen-key

In <[🔎] 8762wyjuhr.fsf@debian-asztal.excito>, Csanyi Pal wrote:
>Zaki Akhmad <zakiakhmad@gmail.com> writes:
>> I need more entropy here while I generate gpg key on my Debian server.
>> The server is not with X.
>> Any hint what should I do on my server? I've tried ping flood but it
>> still not enough.
>I would start sudo updatedb (required mlocate package), move around with
>mouse (required gpm package) and use keyboard for something.

Decoding / encoding audio / video is also a fairly good source for entropy.  
You can do the encoding / decoding even if the server is headless and without 
a sound subsystem.

Basically anything process that uses the disk(s), RAM, *and* CPU is going to 
build up entropy in the kernel as the timings of the 3 are slightly different 
and the kernel uses those differences as part of the entropy calculation.
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