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Re: scrollbar on left side

In <[🔎] 20101018200323.GF3111@yun.yagibdah.de>, lee wrote:
>is there finally a way to get the scrollbar on the left side rather
>than on the right side in KDE?

Not on my system.

Presumably, this would be part of "System Settings -> General -> Appearance -> 
Style".  In fact, there are some scrollbar-related options under "Applications 
-> Configure..." depending on the style.

I currently have the styles: CDE, Cleanlooks, GTK+, MS Windows 9x, Motif, 
Oxygen, Phase, and Plastique.  I could not find a scrollbar-on-the-left 
setting on any of these and these doesn't appear to be a KGHNS button for 
styles, so I'm not sure the best way to install any alternative styles.
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