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Re: Ethernet port dead

Greg Madden <pabi@gci.net> writes:

> One thing to be absolutely sure about is that the device is on a hardware
> compatibility list (hcl) or has positive Linux reviews.. I don't use such
> devices but in my experience, a device needs to be shown to work reliably
> with a kernel version, by more than one person, hence the hcl. I also like to
> shop (online) for products where customers can review products, looking for
> Linux users.
> Time spent on compatibility is far shorter than time trying to get some
> device with a unknown chipset working.

Morgan Gangwere <0.fractalus@gmail.com> writes:

Klistvud <quotations@aliceadsl.fr> writes:

> Or money spent on replacing it with a working one ...
> +1

But it used to work fine up to some weeks ago...


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