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Re: Squeeze can't handle ATI M3's anymore. (X11 issue)

On Sat, 16 Oct 2010 11:12:52 +0000 (UTC) Camaleón <> wrote:
> It can fail. Xorg autodetection is not a "rocket science" :-)

I'm just rather astonished that its failing more than it used to.

> I would look at xorg logs (/var/log/Xorg.0.log) and if you estimate 
> convenient (and _not using_ ati proprietary drivers), write down a
> bug report.

X logs

-8<- Xorg.0.log -8<-

indrora@snapdragon:/var/log$ tail Xorg.0.log
(**) ACPI Virtual Keyboard Device: always reports core events
(**) ACPI Virtual Keyboard Device: Device: "/dev/input/event8"
(II) ACPI Virtual Keyboard Device: Found keys
(II) ACPI Virtual Keyboard Device: Configuring as keyboard
(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "ACPI Virtual Keyboard
Device" (type: KEYBOARD) (**) Option "xkb_rules" "evdev"
(**) Option "xkb_model" "pc105"
(**) Option "xkb_layout" "us"
(II) PM Event received: Capability Changed
(II) PM Event received: Capability Changed

-8<- Xorg.0.log.old -8<-
(II) ACPI Virtual Keyboard Device: Close
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"
(II) TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint: Close
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"
(II) AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: Close
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"
(II) Sleep Button: Close
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"
(II) Power Button: Close
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"
(II) Video Bus: Close
(II) UnloadModule: "evdev"
(II) UnloadModule: "synaptics"


the Vesa driver however just doesn't work on these old 8MB M3's.
Something happens and it locks up with either a trashed screen (What
looks to be the GRUB background splash) 

As for proprietary drivers, this doesn't *have* any -- they were
dropped from support long ago, and now have nice DRI support at

Morgan Gangwere

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