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Re: Chromium Browser Paralysis

On Sat, 16 Oct 2010 19:30:02 +0200 David Baron <> wrote:

> I have had chromium browser (not Google's) suddenly eat all my
> system's memory (2G worth), step into swap, and the system is
> paralyzed. I can eventually kill it without a need to hit the big
> switch.

a) did you install via a package?
b) If so, why?

Chromium gets new builds once every 20 minutes or so... so if you're
running Chromium, then you need to make sure you've gotten the latest
and greatest. 

see http://build.chromium.org/ for the buildbot waterfall and all sorts
of goodies. If someone's locked the tree to hack on something, it might
take a little longer, so beware. 

Check that you've first just got a bad build (it happens) and go from
there. if the problem persists, try with another browser like
Kazehakase or Midori to see if its a WebKit related issue. If that
does help, start filing bugs in google's tracker for Chromium. 

Remember, using Chromium is just another phrase for "Being a google
guinea pig"

Morgan Gangwere

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