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Squeeze can't handle ATI M3's anymore. (X11 issue)

Hi y'all

I'm running Squeeze on a few boxes now and I've noticed something in the
X11 packages... It doesn't like my ATI M3. Its a Dell Latitude C600 with
dreadfully low amounts of RAM, but that's not the big problem...

What happens is:

I start up the box
Everything looks good until GDM starts
X starts up
Box graphically locks.

I can SSH into the machine and write out an xorg.conf, and magically
*behold!* it works. Worked on Lenny, works under *ubuntu and with
Crunchbang (it includes an xorg.conf IIRC...)

Once you have it configured using xorg.conf, it works fine, but X's
autodetection seems to have failed more and more over time...


Morgan Gangwere

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