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Re: icedove and iceweasel not recognizing chromium-browser as default browser

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 19:15:10 -0400, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:

> On 10/13/2010 06:16 PM, Lisi wrote:


>> I have had a look on his computer, and Iceweasel has indeed got
>> about:config as it should, and as I would expect.  But I can't find any
>> such thing in Icedove.  Where should I be looking?
>> Lisi
> Indeed, somehow I missed Camaleón's response. I'm glad you (Lisi)
> responded to Camaleón. Most grateful to both of you. I changed the http
> and https settings in icedove (Config Editor button on the General tab
> of the Preferences dialog), and clicking a link in an e-mail is finally
> calling up chromium-browser.

Nice to see it works :-)
> Why on earth would the Mozilla people set the mail client to behave this
> way?

Mozilla applications handle those things based on their own stuff/code 
(mime types, network protocols... are all in charge of Firefox/

On linux systems that causes a bit of mess because every desktop 
environment (GNOME, KDE...) has its own defined rules for taking care of 
this and they collide. So usually, users has to make some tweaks to get 
the behaviour they want.



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