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icedove and iceweasel not recognizing chromium-browser as default browser

Debian testing, Xfce - with icedove, iceweasel, and chromium-browser installed.

I decided to set chromium-browser as the default Web browser. In all other applications if I click on a Web link, the page loads in chromium-browser.

If I click on a Web link within icedove, iceweasel is launched.

If I go into iceweasel preferences and click the "check now" button, it tells me that iceweasel is already the default browser -- this despite the fact that the "make iceweasel the default browser" checkbox is unchecked, and chromium-browser is set in Xfce's preferred applications as the default Web browser.

I can't figure whether this is an Xfce problem, a Debian problem, or a Mozilla problem. (But I have my suspicions.)

Would anyone know how I can make icedove and iceweasel recognize my choice of a default browser? Not exactly a serious problem, but it kind of irks me!


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