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Re: KDE Question

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 11:08:36 +0200, godo wrote:

>> But if you still love KDE, just give KDE 4.5 a chance. Spend 15 minutes
>> in setting up the way you liked (meaning: remove all the fancy effects,
>> use plain desktop, disable akonadi, strigi and that stuff, forget
>> activities, return to the standard icons on the desktop...) and you're
>> done. You'll get a plain and simple desktop, the same KDE 3.5 used to
>> be :-)
> I'm done all that (on Squeeze almost from beginning) and that’s just not
> it. It's not all in look, it is also in feel and some lost functions.
> Only thru solution will be continuous KDE3 developing or keeping it in
> life.

I am not aware of any lost of functionality. There are bugs, of course, 
as KDE 3.5 had (and as KDE SC 4.5 has). We cannot avoid bugs, they come 
"integrated by design" :-)

> I think that I know how Lisi feels.
> You know it's like first love, nothing can replace it. And I feel the
> same way.

I also know (sadly, very well) how Lisi feels. I was a KDE 3.5 user for 
almost all my linux life (7 years)... until KDE 4.0 came into scene. 

By that time, I had to make a choice: giving KDE 4.0 an opportunity or 
looking for other DE. I also was aware that KDE devels were not going to 
spend any resource of their time to continue improving the old branch 
(just grave bugzilla reports were to be fixed) and working with KDE 4.0 
was a real pain so I finally switched to GNOME. 

I don't regret that decision and moreover, I won't return to KDE in a 
near future. But people who likes KDE has to understand that KDE 4.5 has 
nothing in common with KDE 4.0. If they like KDE, they should try it.



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