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RE: [FOLLOWUP] video card reccomendation

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From: Sven Joachim [mailto:svenjoac@gmx.de]

> In any case, more feedback on nouveau would be welcome.  We've got a
> few positive answers when the package was uploaded in March, but
> since then all we received are a dozen of more or less serious bugs
> reports. That's probably not so many actually, but sometimes I still
> wonder if nouveau works for any Debian user except myself.

Seems to work fine, except with full screen video.

It pauses and jerks every second or so while watching DVDs if the player window is greater than about 1/4 screen.  That's a well known issue though.

Lately, about 25 minutes into a DVD (full screen with xine) my computer will lock up.

The xine people say the lock up is a driver problem, but my machine is completely unresponsive when it happens so I can't get any crash data off of it and nothing is logged.

My CPU seems fine at 100% while rendering video for an hour or so and memtest-86+ is happy with my RAM.  So I don't think it is hardware.

As long as I stay away from watching video, everything is great.

James Z

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