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Re: [FOLLOWUP] video card reccomendation

On 2010-10-03 20:00 +0200, Rick Pasotto wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 25, 2010 at 11:51:20PM -0400, Rick Pasotto wrote:
>> I need to get an agp video card so take the video load off the regular
>> bus. Also my new monitor has 1600x900 resolution and the openchrome
>> driver doesn't recognize that resolution. I don't play games, so it's
>> mostly for text, web, and an occasional video file.
>> What would be the least expensive card for my needs?
> I bought a GeForce 6200. So far it's working well for me and solved the
> bus overload problem I was having.

A sad move IMHO, you should have listened to the guys who recommended
against NVidia.

> However I do have a couple of questions. I installed (with aptitude)
> nvidia-kernel-2.6.32-5-686 which is supposed to give me the nVidea
> driver binaries. X aborted because it could not find the nvidia module.

The current nvidia-kernel modules do not support your card anymore, you
need the 173xx legacy driver.  There are no prebuilt modules for it, so
your best bet is to install the nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-dkms package.

> The 'nv' driver works fine.

Maybe it does now, but NVidia has announced to stop supporting in the
future, and I think it will be removed from Debian at some point after
the Squeeze release.

Would be nice if you could give the nouveau driver a try, it is already
the default in Squeeze.

> 'dpkg -L nvidia-kernel-2.6.32-5-686' shows what got installed was:
> /lib/modules/2.6.32-5-686/nvidia/nvidia.ko
> The 'nv' driver is in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nv_drv.so. 
> Does xorg need to be told about the different path? Is there some
> command I need to run to tell the kernel about the nvidia driver?
> What's the difference between '.ko' and '.so'?

.ko indicates a kernel module, .so a shared object file.  Think of them
as kernelspace vs userspace drivers.


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