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Re: [FOLLOWUP] video card reccomendation

On Du, 03 oct 10, 22:05:44, Sven Joachim wrote:
> In any case, more feedback on nouveau would be welcome.  We've got a few
> positive answers when the package was uploaded in March, but since then
> all we received are a dozen of more or less serious bugs reports.
> That's probably not so many actually, but sometimes I still wonder if
> nouveau works for any Debian user except myself.

I've tried nouveau a while back. It works, but I hit #590549, actually 

Needless to say my laptop (1680x1050, 129x127 dpi) is unusable at 96 
dpi, and no, I'm not going to change all font sizes, they are just fine 
if the dpi is correct.

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