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Re: cifs share is not mounted during boot

On 10/06/2010 08:51 AM, Eero Volotinen wrote:
> 2010/10/6 Γιώργος Πάλλας <gpall@ccf.auth.gr>:
>> On 10/05/2010 05:11 PM, Klistvud wrote:
>>> Dne, 05. 10. 2010 13:51:39 je Eero Volotinen napisal(a):
>>>> try mount using ip address ? Are you sure that network is available
>>>> that time?
>>>> or add @reboot mount -a on cron crontab ?
>>>> --
>>>> Eero
>>> Actually, Eero's answer got me thinking that, at least in your case,
>>> perhaps a _netdev mount option in your stab could help?
>> With _netdev option I just get in the dmesg logs: [  141.008430] CIFS:
>> Unknown mount option _netdev
>> and the share is still not mounted.
>> Trying with just the IP instead of the dns name, also failed.
>> Then, I tried something more radical: I replaced /sbin/mount.cifs with
>> an ad-hoc shell script that I made, which just issues an echo test >
>> /tmp/test. So, after boot, I checked for a /tmp/test file but found
>> none. So, it looks like it's not got to do with some bad option, or the
>> network not being available or the credential file not being available
>> or something like that, but actually the binary used to mount cifs
>> shares is not even called during boot.
> Check from initscripts the way debian mounts shares? /tmp might not be
> available at that time?

I also tried with writing to /root which is on the root filesystem.
Still no log...
Also, I set up an ad-hoc VM where I tried the same cifs entry in fstab
and it works! I'm baffled!

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