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Re: cifs share is not mounted during boot

Dne, 05. 10. 2010 13:27:57 je Γιώργος Πάλλας napisal(a):
I have this cif share in my /etc/fstab which is not mounted during boot
and I can't figure out why:

//myserver/myData/data1             /media/cifs-shares/dat1
0       3

After boot, giving a "mount -a" as root mounts it without problem. It is
not a matter of the credential file not being available during boot:
Even with the credentials supplied in /etc/fstab directly the share is
not mounted and nothing ever get logged.

I'm running updated debian squeeze and would appreciate some help!

I'm experiencing a problem that might be related, but, more than a "help" post, this is a "me too" post.

I'm on Lenny, using autofs to mount a sshfs drive over my home wireless LAN. My symptoms are similar to yours: autofs never functions at boot, since the wireless card connects quite late in the boot process (not until I log in, actually), so the share is unavailable during boot. One of the funniest discoveries, for me, was that autofs -- which should be a daemon handling on-the-fly mounts for you -- won't work if your share is unavailable at boot (say, server down, or network down, or whatever). Anyway, another intriguing discovery I made is that restarting the autofs daemon from a virtual terminal doesn't help either. To get autofs going, I must restart it from a Gnome terminal session (with superuser credential, of course).

Reading through the logs, I saw that the ssh server never asks for my RSA key -- it goes straight for the password. Of course autofs can't supply one.

All the above symptoms got me thinking that this may be a ssh key manager (or what's its name) issue -- when I'm logged into my desktop environment, Gnome apparently provides a key manager which handles the negotiations with the remote ssh server; during boot, on the other hand, there is no such key manager running, and consequently, autofs is asked for the password and gracefully bails out.


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