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Re: What is blocking my sound?

On 09/24/10 09:21, T o n g wrote:
On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 15:42:52 +0100, James Allsopp wrote:

I normally find that it's flash-related, so look for something like
npviewer in the ps aux. Killing that normally resolves the problem.

Yep, that's the trick for me as well.

NB, it just "locks" it, not using it, so lsof won't list anything.

What is 'npviewer'?

I do not seem to have it on my system and I can not determine what package it is in.

mns@xander:~$ dpkg -S npviewer
dpkg: *npviewer* not found.

Are there other processes that could lock the device in a similar fashion that I could be looking for. I could set up a batch file to look for and display potential culprits, but I need to know what they are, first.


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