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Re: Emergence: recover deleted files

Rodolfo Medina wrote at 2010-09-07 06:12 -0500:

>> I'm in hda6, the partition containing the deletes files.  When I reboot into
>> a live CD or into another partition of the hard disk, say hda8, as far as I
>> know - but maybe I'm wrong - during the reboot the system will write reports
>> in some files of hda6, which we don't want to.  Instead, if I do: `# cd
>> /mnt/hda8', and run photorec from hda8, we avoid the possible damage caused
>> by the reboot or the shutdown, and also we don't touch hda6.  Is that true?

green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com> writes:

> These 4 options have been mentioned:
> 1. remount hda6 readonly
> 2. umount hda6
> 3. reboot to LiveCD
> 4. immediate power-off (pull the plug)

The fifth: tell photorec to perform the writings into hda8.  If I understand
well, you think that even so hda6 would also be written: how?


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