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Re: thoughts on RHCE

2010/9/1 Julien Vehent <julien@linuxwall.info>:
> On Wed, 1 Sep 2010 19:36:56 +0200, "Jesús M. Navarro"
> <jesus.navarro@undominio.net> wrote:
>> Hi, Julien:
>> Probably you won't be able to get the RHCE certification without dedicated
>> training no matter what: there's too many specific "thingies" that wouldn't
>> be so much of a problem in the real world but that would ruin an exam
>> (what's
>> the master file for network configuration on RHEL 5.3 -you have 30 seconds
>> for the answer).
> Hi Jesus,
> Well, I understood the exam was multiple choices questions, isn't it ?

RHCE is lab based hands on exam, not multiple choice like lpic and derivatives.

see url  http://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/prep_guide/ for reference


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