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thoughts on RHCE

Hey guys,

I know this is kind of off-topic on a Debian mailing list, but since there's no Debian certification, I was considering taking RHCE. The thing is, RHCE fast track course is $3000, and so far, everything I've seen or read is pretty classic linux knowledge. So I was wondering what other people thought of it.

Is it worth something as a linux certification, in the context of working as an independant contractor for example ?

Considering I have about 7 years of linux sysadmin in my head, not specifically with red hat though, is it doable to just take the exam (with a bit of preparation before, eg. centos and a good book) ? The exam itself is $750.

Did I miss any other certification worth of interest ?

Please note that I'm not trying to create a religion war here (certification vs no certification or red hat vs debian), just trying to gather information. Please keep the trolls on leash ;)


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