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On Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:40:50 -0700, Jimmy Johnson wrote:

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"numlockx" should not be needed anymore in KDE as kdm has an option to
handle that from "kdmrc" config file :-?

If you know how to turn the numlock on for login without using numlockx
'please' tell?  I already know I can turn it on after login without
using numlockx.

I'm afraid that application is not (should not be) needed nowadays.
So if numlock does not get activated on login screen, you can report that for kdm package, taking that you are using kdm to handle user login.

Anyway, yo can perform a Google search to find tips on how to bypass that:


If you are talking about this solution:

"$ locate kdmrc

Open that file up in a text editor. You will probably need to have
administrator privileges, so press Alt-F2 and type this:

kdesu kwrite /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc

In that file, find the first section that begins:


Right after that line, add this:


Save the file and quit. To see your changes, you might need to restart KDM."

If that solution ever did work, it now no longer works.

Nice try.
Jimmy Johnson

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