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Re: Verbatim 1TB external HDD

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 12:24:08PM -0400, S Scharf wrote:
> > For each backup cycle (in a script called from cron), mount it and use
> > rsync to only change what needs changing, then unmount it and create an LVM
> > snapshot. Create the snapshots with names that include the date. To avoid
> > running out of space, you'll probably want to cull older snapshots from
> > time to time. For example, you might back up nightly, but you only want to
> > keep the last three days, the first of the month for a year, and the first
> > of the year from the previous year. You can automate this in the backup
> > script as well.
> >
> > You should also create a script that will mount the available backups
> > (i.e. LVM snapshots) readonly in well-named directories (i.e. including the
> > backup date), and another to unmount them all.
> I did something like that for a while, but the mount time to recognize all
> of the LVM internal pointers for the snapshots was extreme (1/2 hour!).

I have never had such a problem. Were you unmounting before snapshotting?
Maybe your snapshots were in an inconsistent state.

> Stuart

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