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Re: Blank blue screen after logging into an account for the first time with gdm and choosing window manager

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 05:04:56PM +0000, Daniel Trebbien wrote:
> Does this problem always occur after bringing your netbook out of standby?

Yes. When after coming out of standby is the question. Sometimes
immediate, sometimes a few minutes later.

> In addition to the blank, blue screen, do you see the mouse cursor?

No mouse cursor.

> What is the timeline like? How many seconds or minutes pass until the first
> flicker? How many flickers are there? How long is it until the screen shows
> only blue?

The flickers are completely intermittent. It's not predictable, but the
flickers start immediately after coming out of standby, and remain until
the screen goes blue, which could be very soon or many minutes later.
> Is there anything in `.xsession-errors`? (This file is in the home directory of
> the account that you are logged in as.)

I haven't checked there, actually, but I'll look.

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