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Re: Linux filesystems was [Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.]

Aaron Toponce put forth on 7/27/2010 10:41 AM:

> XFS has also had a history for randomly corrupting data. While this
> might have improved over time, I don't trust it.

Can you cite or reference anything to back your claim?  Time frame?  Irix or
Linux?  Serious users reported this or casual/hobbyist users?  If this was
ever the case the situation could not have lasted long before patches fixed
it.  Have you seen SGI's customer list and the size of the systems and storage
they run with nothing but XFS?  For instance, NAS has over 1.4PB of XFS
filesystems, 1PB CXFS and over 400TB XFS:


NASA trusts it with over 1PB of storage, but _you_ don't trust it?  Who are
you again?  How many hundreds of TB of storage do you manage on EXT3/4? ;)


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