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Re: Linux filesystems was [Re: Debian cd supporting ext4.]

On 7/27/2010 1:23 AM, Lisi wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 July 2010 08:10:15 Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> XFS which is superior to all other Linux filesystems.
> Stan - 
> Have you the time to give a rationale for this?  

Except XFS filesystems can't shrink, only grow. Sucks when you need to
resize partitions/volumes, and they're all XFS.

Further, XFS makes more system calls to the kernel than standard
Ext2/3/4. Export an XFS filesystem on LVM over NFS, and you'll get a
kernel oops on a 32-bit kernel. Trace it, and you'll see the plethora of
nested system calls XFS makes. You won't oops with Ext2/3/4 in the same
scenario. This can be mitigated by running a 64-bit system, if you have
the hardware to do so.

XFS has also had a history for randomly corrupting data. While this
might have improved over time, I don't trust it.

XFS does have dynamic inode allocation, and better data storage
algorithms than the Ext-family. It's also a good performer, but Ext4
give XFS a run for its money.

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