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Re: Debian virus/spy-ware detection and detection technique.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

> What are you afraid of? I mean, what is your main concern?

Spying, programs modifications. I have seen already unexplainable weird
things - one text file was in size - zero - that never has been so for
a long time, another, .ods - was partially damaged... 

> I have not heard for any malware affecting massively linux users
> for... when? I cannot remember any threat I had to be care of since I
> am using Linux (that is from 2003).

> > For the local files on HDD and the whole CD/DVD of a distro (live or
> > installable).  
> ClamAV can scan local files but is not very accurate with rootkits/
> malware, just plain common viruses.

So, what should I do for the distro install cds - regarding both -
spyware and viruses?

If we speak about checksumming - sometimes it fails though I believe
the problem lays in not accurate or whatever downloading, the images
being - I believe - unmodified... - Redownloading is hard because of

> Then you maybe interested in anti-rooktiks, like "chkrootkit" or
> "rootkit hunter" solutions.

I guess it does not fit distro cd scanning right?
> > Do You know such a skillful AV engine available for Debian?  
> Mmm, not by first hand, I was just told that they did. But take a
> look 

In apt-cache search ... ?

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